This is a Christmas poem paying tribute to the criticism we all must endure in every walk of life.

I wonder if critics are sleeping-

Or resting fully awake?

Or alone in darkness peeping;

Searching for my mistake.

They left me Christmas morning;

Its over!  their time is gone.

Their comments keeps me yearning.

Perhaps, I wrote it wrong.

Do critics really love me?

I thought, I loved them true.

Am I being silly-

Now thinking as I do?

Why then-must I ponder-

To let critics steal my mind?

Good is the shouting thunder-

Some critics leave behind.

I envision my darling critics-

Staring at the Christmas tree,

And making several visits

To keep their eye on me.

But, this Christmas words are flowing.

And no critic shall I behold.

They knew; I went knowing.

But refused what I was told!


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  • ashan1614 on Nov 24, 2009

    My advice on criticism? Take only what you need; leave the rest.

  • cebuanaeyez on Nov 24, 2009

    We cannot please everyone! As for the critics, they are just doing what they do best…criticize :)

  • serowa on Nov 24, 2009

    As long as you are comfortable in your skin, critism can either make you if it is contructive or you can chose to reject it if it is destructive.

  • willie wondka on Jan 2, 2012

    you always get one who likes to criticise, its their life, but if they are reading your work to do that then isn’t that a good thing? If they didn’t like it then why are they reading it. Happy New Year, Sandie x

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