My first cliffhanger poem, I was never good at cliffhangers but only I as the writer knew what happened to the young man. Makes you think, where I also included something that is being showed, I didn’t do it intentionally but if anyone figures it out, that would be cool. A proper hint would be that creeps do it everyday. Starts with an R. Comments are Open.


They Say


They Say

His name was John

Some Say

His name was Ricky

Others say

His name was AJ

Short for Anthony-Jackson.


Black shirt

Black Hoodie

All Black Converses

Skinny black jeans

And a skull hat

All black.


He never


They Say

His parents

Didn’t teach him

Some say

He was too scared

To talk

Few say

He was a mute.


They say

He was once


Some say

He was born

The way he

Always was

Few say

He was just

In a stage of

Teenage Adolescence.


His classmates

Only knew of

A cold glare

That they would get

Whenever they

Asked him a question.

They never saw

His hair

It was always


Under his hat and hood.


They said

His hair

Was a long mane

Some say

It was shaved down

Others say

It was mainly short.


They hardly knew

Anything about him


He dressed in black

Nothing with him

Was a fact

That they could pin.


They say

He had problems

At home

And left it at that

No one talked about him

Only if they asked.


All he did

Was walk

And sit

Farthest from people.


They say

He was anti-social.


No one knew

What he wanted

To be in life

They say

A contractor

Some say

A cop

Others say

A tattoo artist.


Until one day

He disappeared.


They say he moved

Some say

He went to jail

Few say

He committed suicide.


For afterwards

He was never seen


Liked it
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