Thinking about you again


Thinking about you again,

I really haven’t thought about you in awhile,

At least not like I used to,

But now I am trying to figure things out in my life,

 And you are coming to mind again,


I have come to realized that I have been carrying

This around for all these year, guilt, of you dying,

I couldn’t get to see you,

when you asked to see me

Before you died, I didn’t have my license,

No one around to give me a ride to see you,


I was angry for awhile at God,

For taking you so soon,

It just wasn’t fair,

I believe I am over the anger,

But still sometimes don’t understand why.


Thinking of you,

Wondering what if you were still here,

What would of happened between us,

How would we of turned out,

But I do know God wouldn’t of taken you,

Unless it was your time, he wanted you there at that time,

I don’t know why, but he does.

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