Suddenly I realize the strength of my own body.

The night air is thick and sticky.
I run my fingers across my knee,
my feet, my shoulders
and suddenly I understand.
Suddenly, I am reassured.

My body offers bumps and pains,
permanent bruises and sewn ligaments,
scars and indents.
But what I’ve been missing all along
is the strength my body
can still project.

Until this moment
I took it all for granted,
I demanded work from my body;
and there are hours
when I can still perform.

Still I run swift,
fight hard,
jolt with energy
when it would seem impossible.

Although the darkness has
held me as its possession
I can find hope now
in knowing that there is still

A fierceness that
no one else could hold.
It’s been my threat,
my claim since I
first put pen to paper.
And now I find myself
thankful again.

Because regardless of
all the strength left in me
that I took for granted
I now can look at myself
and know
that I am still a warrior.

Liked it
  • Mr Ghaz on Apr 17, 2009

    Great work! That was lovely and well presented poem about our body..Thnx a lot 4 sharing

  • jackbauer on May 6, 2009

    really good. Do you mean i *now can look at myself and know?

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