There’s a gun to my head
And I know not what to do
I want to save face
Therefore, I’ll have to blame you

I’m morally wrong
But morally I’m right
I’m woman enough to sin
But too coward to fight

Bury me in your hate
If it’s what you have to do
I’ll cut you till you bleed
But I won’t bleed with you

I’m here with you always
But I’m nowhere in sight
I’m not the woman you can control
But I am too weak to fight

I’ll carry you through hell
Shelter those eyes of brown
You can hate the woman inside
But it wasn’t I, who did this to you

I wiped away your tears
So that I didn’t have to see
All the the pain in your eyes
Was my reality

I’ll be there in blood
That streams from your body
I’ll shed a tear in sympathy
But I’m not really sorry

I’ll never lie to those eyes
I’ll always tell you what’s true
But please, spare me the consequence
Because I won’t comfort you

I found you on the ground
In love with another man
Slowly I gathered up the pieces
And then I ran

You see, I’ve told you I loved you
A thousand times before
Your just a name with a different face
Crying at my door

I’m utterly lost within myself
I’m lonely and that’s true
All that I’ve ever wanted in life
Died inside of you

As I say these words
I hope you know they’re true
I know not yet who I’m convincing
Isn’t only you

In my heart, somewhere I can feel
A tiny shred of guilt
But I have to tell you I’m much too proud
To knock the walls I’ve built

I will think of you
In silence, from time to time
Then I will feel relief
Remembering it was you committing the crime

I will bury you
In a small place inside of me
And remember in darkness
The light you shined in me

I will look in the mirror
And all I’ll see 
Is your crying face 
Staring back at me

You’ll look in the mirror 
And all you will see
Is a man who once lied
In all honesty

I hope you know I feel this too
Even though, through the worst
I was not there for you
I toss and turn inside my bed
Rehearsing all these things
That I never even said

There’s a gun to my head
And I know not what to do
Hate the child inside the man
Not the one who lived in you

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