My vision of time…Past, present, and future…

Time As I See It

Lost in the past
Chained to the present
Chasing the future
Time is so unkind

Where have I been
Where am I now
Where will I be
The questions are endless

The past is my foundation
It has molded me
Full of memories
Lessons learned
And developed wisdom

The present holds me now
It is who I am
My past brought me here
And left me its shadows

The future is calling me
I must earn its trust
I control what it will be
I just cannot get there

Time has become such confusion
What was, is, and will be
Never quite clear of its influence
Or even of its intentions

My past is sometimes haunting
Reminders of harsh times
My mind seems to throw them at me
It will not let me forget

My present is not my choice
Nor is it as I planned
So many factors and variations
Have twisted the outcome

The future is yet to come
I have planned that voyage
The agenda is not quite clear
It changes on a daily basis

Yesterday has vanished
Today is with me now
Tomorrow may or may not come
I simply do not comprehend

Time is such an unkind beast
It forces itself upon me
Making me age as it holds me
Never clearly revealing itself

I use its past tense
As a reminder of what brought me here
In a sense, it raised me
And created my foundation

I use the present time
To function within this day
To live my life in its current state
It is all I have to work with

I long for the future to arrive
Yet at the same time I resent it
With the wisdom to come
It will bring the aging process

This is time as I see it
The past, present and future
Are all of its components
They are what have and will make me

Vic Damico

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  • Karen Gross on Feb 20, 2012

    I love this poem! I could really relate to your vision of time. My present is definitely not what I would have chosen, nor would I wish my disabilities on anyone else, but my struggles have made me the person I am today, and I think I like her better than the person I could have been had my life played out the way I envisioned it.

  • Vic Damico on Feb 20, 2012

    Hi, Karen…I think there are many things within our lives that we certainly would not have chosen on our own. But, as you so wonderfully stated, it is what makes us who we are. I have always said that if we did not have problems, and we did not learn from those problems, we would have a world full of stupid people. Ignorant would have been a more kind word, but “stupid” is more accurate…LOL

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