This is a poem about a young woman who had thought she had found her knight in shining armor only to find out that he had more problems that she could know. She writes about how she feels about herself, her love for him and how even though she could not be the one to help him, how she wishes him all the best. For anyone who has loved someone only to realize you were not meant to be, this poem is for you.

I lie awake at night and think

Of all that I’ve gone through

Since that darkened night so long ago

That first time I met you.

We both had lie we told ourselves

To make ourselves sound neat.

And so we shared those lies together

On that night when we did meet.

Time went by and soon we saw

We weren’t what we believed

And so we had to say good-bye,

To a love that we’d conceived.

We couldn’t learn to love ourselves

Or like the things we did

So you just thought of all my faults

And I just ran and hid.

And now so many years have gone

I am tired and confused

And you are still your same old self

I no longer feel amused.

Some people change, some just don’t

My need for change burns strong

You cannot help me grow much more

Because together we are wrong.

You need to find the light within

So you can be stronger day by day

Instead of always finding an excuse

Or someone else to pave the way.

So now we have to be alone

So we can change our views

Learn to make it by ourselves

Learn to fight so we don’t lose.

We need to admit when we are wrong

Learn to take some good advice

Try to make our lives more complete

Not do the wrong things twice.

I know that you can make it

I know that I an too

We both are strong survivors

And we can make it through.

Good luck on your quest in life

I wish you all the best

I hope you find what you will need

So you can finally be at rest.

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