A ballad about the ship RMS Titanic.

I am here to tell you a tale

Of the RMS Titanic

That moved like a snail

To give us all a panic

It was on an April morning

When the ship left the bay

A ship that caused a lot of mourning

Set out on that day

The ride was smooth and pleasant

As the voyage began

It started to travel most unpleasant

It was because of one man

As the ship was yet unstable

And with a little blast

This poor ship would be able

To kill everyone up to the mast

Four days after starting

The ship had got in trouble

After going wrong way since parting

The captain would be seeing double

The ship went and hit something

An iceberg it was seemed

That against the ship it was thumping

Until a passenger had screamed

The ship was indeed sinking

Down, down, down

And it seemed people were thinking

We won’t survive this we’ll drown

Many people had died

On this faithful day

There were little survivors

Who made it back to bay

Liked it
  • CHIPMUNK on May 25, 2011


  • sensation on Jun 8, 2011

    Your ballad was nice. If you dont mind, there is one correction.

    It should have been ‘On this fateful day’

    instead of ‘On this faithful day’

    Best Wishes.

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