To be a student means…

To be a student means

to be an artist, a writer, a thinker.

An explorer, a researcher, a producer.

To be a student means

to design, to read, to listen

to learn.

To lead, to inspire (and be inspired),

to strive.

To think, to plan, to solve,

to invent.

To study, to present, to construct,

to apply and re-apply.

To have interest and curiosity

potential and skill

patience and time

joy and contentment

for that goal

which leads to our unknown future.

To be a student means

To care, to respect, to be modest,

to overcome.

To grow, to encourage, to search,

to be independent, to challenge, to withstand,

to dazzle.

To be stubborn, to hope, to dream,

to doubt.

To play, to wander, to laugh,

to cry,

for the time we’ll go off to college.

To make mistakes and fix them,

to protest against the unjust,

to not always make up excuses,

to break away from the habit of making excuses,

to be different.

To be bold and fierce,

to never cower away from unlikely situations.

To do the unexpected and unpredictable,

to be unpredictable,

and seem unpredictable,

always to be unpredictable and

go beyond our limits.

To observe, to attain, to exploit,

and to observe again.

To explore, to experience, to mature,

and advance to the next step.

Liked it
  • YoungThoth on Nov 26, 2011

    “Writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down”
    Robert Frost

    I liked the theme of your poem but I would appreciate it more if there was some kind of a meter.

  • Victoria Jenkins on Nov 29, 2011

    I liked it! I agree with YoungThoth, though. On the first stanza, you had a somewhat fragmented sentence that should have been combined with the next one. Also, you should probably add a colon or dash after “to be a student meanst”, because you keep repeating it. And that’s the thing–this poem relies on repetition, yet you have no consistent form in the things you are repeating. If you could make the stanzas more similar to one another, I think this poem would really shine.

    On the whole, I loved it! The concept is great, and your thoughts on what it is to be a student are wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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