Like nothing before..

Her eyes could move the moon, with a love that came too soon

A feeling that moved and swirled, Emotions that shook my world

Skin as soft as the skies, I got locked within her eyes

With words as sweet as flowers, I fell beneath her powers.

Like a wonder I never knew, my caution quickly withdrew

I fell for her like a feather, and I lost myself altogether

Inside her embrace I craved, My heart could not be saved

These feelings way to strong, like a place where I belong

but the grip was much too tight, this craving day and night

Great things turned so pale, and warmth began to fail

The distance took its toll, and passion was gaining control

a fever pitch so hot and strong, surely it would last lifelong

but passion can be draining, the sadness became complaining

and the words take different meaning, too late for intervening

the passion became too much, and she slipped from within my clutch

the words that fray my mind, spoken as she left me behind

this love would cease to grow, my heart went ten below

a cold that froze the senses, and left me feeling senseless

I struggled to fade away, a blast like throwing away

Apologies as deaf as water, I move along without her

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