I’m sure we all miss that someone special. The poem speaks what a girl separated from her love feels, and in some way helps readers going through a similar situation to cope with it.

Then she missed him some and some more

It had been an age since they’d talked

Every moment burned her heart more

All she had were memories locked;

Memories, pleasant and painful

In their delirium she survived

The pain was so sweet, it killed her

With the pain of separation, she lived.

Please understand if I don’t reply, he’d said

As long as it’s in our hearts, he’d said

You need to feel it, he’d said

I’ll make it up to you he’d said

Words. They lasted forever, they said.

How could she then forget what he’d said?

Why the constant seed of doubt?

Why was trust such a thin thread?

Possessive, irritable, complaining

Even she couldn’t identify herself.

This was definitely not why he’d loved her

No longer did she like herself.

Words again. They can make or break you

She decided to let them make her.

An article from somewhere

Taught her, corrected her.

It’s ok to miss, better to be missed.

But it should strengthen relationships

Here it was strangling it.

And she knew this one was for keeps.

Love was after all, selfless.

Smile when he was happy

Cringe when he was hurt

Love was after all, pathetically tacky.

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