A letter to my daughter on her wedding day.

It seems like just yesterday that I held you in my arms,
A tiny bundle so small and sweet.
You had those charms,
That captivated all that you would meet.

It seems just like yesterday that you started to walk,
You didn’t slow down, not one little bit.
It wasn’t long before you started to talk,
And now it seems you don’t know when to quit.

It seems just like yesterday when I sent you off to school,
You were so tiny, my little sweet girl.
I’m so glad you thought your teacher was cool,
It turned out she was quite a pearl.

It seems like just yesterday that you finished school,
A tear feel down my cheek as you walked down that aisle.
You finally made it and now ready to rule,
For now you would be the one to go the mile.

It seems just like yesterday that you fell in love,
With a nice shy boy who you brought home.
You two are as happy as a pair of doves,
Your happiness showing as high as a dome.

It seems like just yesterday that you showed me your ring,
A big beautiful diamond with a brilliant shine.
And with the new year a wedding will bring,
With you in your wedding dress looking so fine.

It seems just like yesterday when you were just a girl,
And now you will be someones wife my dear.
Someday you will have a daughter yourself with curls,
I just hope that you will always be so near,.

It just seems like yesterday you were my bundle of joy,
Now you are all grown up and starting a life of your own.
I wish you love and happiness and one day a boy,
And for me all those memories will never be gone.

You are still my daughter, my first born,
A big sister to the terrible two.
I wish you joy and happiness on your wedding morn,
And each day after in everything you do!

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  • Liane Schmidt on Nov 5, 2007

    What a sweet, beautiful poem*

    Best wishes.


    -Liane Schmidt.

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