This is for my husband’s ” bi-polar personality “.

To that man deep inside you,
to that man I want to say,
I feel your love sometimes
and I know you’re still inside.

When you do come out I know it,
I just see it in your eyes
you’re so patient and loving…
you won’t even hurt a fly

Please promise me you’ll fight him
that other side of you.
He hurts me and scares me
and he’s got those killer’s eyes.

I notice that you’re gone
also on his eyes
he’s cruel and mean and scares me…
and teaches me to fear.

He likes to say things
that he knows would make me sad
and laughs and makes him happy
every time I cry.

Then you see me crying
and apologize
you know that he has  hurt me
and so you feel bad.

I kiss you in the cheek sometimes
even when he’s out,
hoping that you’ll feel my love
even deep inside…

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