I will keep my vows to you even though you have forgotten yours.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
<script type=”text/javascript”
</script>Once upon a time

I gave to you

My heart, the world, my love

Nothing I wouldn’t do

But things changed

And you went

I got lost

Never a hint

Caught off guard

I cried

Never knew it

But you lied

Now I wonder

Now I stare

When did it happen

Why won’t you care

I’m still with hope

That you will hear

But it’s deep down

That I know the fear

I know you’re gone

But still I see

The life we planned

With you and me

I can’t let go

Can’t say goodbye

But I guess you did

Oh how you lie

I thought we agreed

That we write the same

But I didn’t know

The picture wasn’t framed

So now I sit

And now I lie

I wonder how

I wonder why

I get no answers

But still I ask

Will we marry

Complete that task

Or is all lost

Is all gone

No more love

No more bond

Guess I should know

It’s been awhile

Still I wait

Can’t close the file

The love that once was

Consumes me now

But still I wait

With my vows

I love you now

I love you tomorrow

Through all happiness

Through all sorrow

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