An unconventional love poem.

Some things in life are like toenail polish.
When they’re fresh and new, they’re beautiful.
But after a while they chip and fade,
And it’s time for their removal
(although usually not with smelly chemicals -
that might be unique to the toenail polish).
I like to listen to songs sung
In a language I don’t know.
That way I can pretend the songs are about you.
They say that chocolate releases
The same chemicals in your brain
That are released when you have sex.
Much as I love chocolate,
I’d have to admit:
In a battle between a box of Godivas
And making love to you,
You’d win, hands down.
If we were fruits,
I think we’d be strawberry and banana.
That way we’d always be together in smoothies.
I would say strawberry and kiwi,
But kiwis freak me out – they look too gross.
I could never imagine you as a kiwi.
You’re devilishly handsome,
While a kiwi is green and alarmingly textured.
This wasn’t meant to be a love poem.
It was meant to be an amalgamation
Of random thoughts floating in my head,
But all I think about is you.
Some things in life are like toenail polish -
But you’re not one of them.

Liked it
  • Steven West on Jun 15, 2008

    Very nice poem. I love the use of symbolism and imagery. It definitely is unconventional.

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