Complications in life and the need to face it.

Shades of blue blind my sight,

feeling like the world is a little off tonight.

The signs in life, complicates my mind. 

When will the bright light lead my life?

Emotions fluster, clutter and spin.

Like a whirl wind churning up my dreams.

Awake in the night, asleep in the light. 

Life is an up-side down dream.

What once was, no longer lives.

What once had, no longer exist. 

What once became, now stands ashamed. 

Life is a scam, never a plan.

What is today, will not be tomorrow.

Look at the present, and live it thorough.

Because tomorrow, same, it will never.

Liked it
  • Rebecca Ponkos on Jun 15, 2012

    So important, the message here. So creatively written as well.

    I enjoyed this.

    Thank you

  • magnumocean on Jun 18, 2012

    I am glad you enjoyed it, thank you reading the poem =)
    Shall post more soon!

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