Our course is set and our mission is to mold history.

It was too early to go

And yet too late to wait

The correct time has come and past

The storm is now on the horizon

The time for preparation is behind us

No need to wait it is already here

You are now ready to experience the fear

It is too early to walk but get ready to run

The time to lay back and do nothing has come and gone

The flowers have blossom and the bees have gone home

The nest is all empty and the birds have all flown

It is too soon to talk but now we must yell

The moment we lost sight of the mission

We now must spend eternity in hell

As we sit back in our armless chairs

Because we waste our time we must now sell

History is our marker

That other will see

Let us live as we must

And not how other will see

Too early to go and too late to wait

The decision we make will be set on this date

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