A poem I wrote after having gone through an intensive training weekend.

Unknowing, I came upon men of seeming dark intent,

It seemed they wanted to strip me of things I’ve never willingly spent.

I was pressed by a will beyond my own, so in search of truth unspoken,

Reduced to subservience, timeless, weaponless, and broken.

In a state of unknowing I finally found broken sleep in anticipation.

Awoken rudely I remembered and forgot, confused, angry, and bereft of inspiration.

I approached the day willingly among companions just met, though I seem to have known for a lifetime.

Senses overloaded, I faced myself willingly, finding a shadow and entering the circle at just the right time.

Reborn and uplifted, I continued the journey into darkness, anticipating an ending.

Foreign revelry I faced first enraged with angry passion, my ego pressing hard against my defenses.

Overloaded, I slept fitfully, awakening in dazed bewilderment, wondering what would come to be.

Profoundly changed, I faced the new day bravely and ran head first into me.

I am a man among men exposed and exalted my mission is finally clear.

I was buoyant with the energy of unconditional love and new brothers each of whom I hold dear.

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  • h20ho on Jun 11, 2012


  • stevetheblogger on Jun 11, 2012

    Tim you must be Ex Military to write something as good as this. Reminds me of leadership courses and military training. A great read one that all should read. Brothers in arms when you all go through the exact same thing. I look forward to your next article.
    Best Wishes

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