Travelling is a learning experience. Take time to travel and learn from different races, cultures, and places. Surely, one will never regret it.

Exploring places all over the world

Learning experience that forever you can hold,

Meeting people with different races

Learning varied cultures in different places.


Israel- a place wherein the footprints of God were seen

A historical place and people that will surely win,

America – the Bible believing nation

with its Grand Canyon that is God’s amazing creation.


Europe- the home of royal family

with edifices that were designed elegantly,

Middle East is a very hot place,

with traditions that are preserved by its race.


Philippines with uncultivated nature and beautiful beaches

People with warm hospitality that lead one to Philippine wonderful places,

Japan is a place with many earth’s convulsions

still stand with people who have strict disciplinary actions.


Singapore- the Asia’s cleanest nation

An Asian country with English foundation,

China with its biggest population

and delicious cuisine that one will surely mention.


Africa with its great safari

India with its unique dowry,

Australia with its fascinating House Opera

And an igloo in an icy Antartica.


Not to mention other places in different norms

with different people and places with varied forms,

Truly, all races are interesting

with different cultures and places that are overwhelming!

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  • jennifer eiffel01 on Jul 19, 2012

    Excellent I think everybody should travel if they can afford it.

  • momofplenty on Jul 20, 2012

    This is so wonderful….

  • gaby7 on Jul 20, 2012

    A great share here! One of those other places not mentioned is Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, land of the mighty River Nile, endowed with the Mountain Gorrillas, the Mighty Lake Victoria teaming with Huge Nile Perch, white fish so delicious that visitors often ask for more!

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