Apologies are rarely easy to give, but always cleansing to receive.

Tails between legs
We call a truce
And apologize for fighting
For foolishly thinking we could spend a day holding a grudge
For calling each other on our flaws instead of trying to pinpoint what went wrong
For getting lost in anger and sadness instead of asking each other for help
For valuing our pride and our desire to be right more than our love
The past twenty-four hours have been unbearably painful
We will get past this
We will bounce back to the point where we can be silly and mushy again
I will learn to hold you and my tongue tighter
You will learn to share your fears before they get the better of you
Not just for those brown-eyed kiddos who look up to us
But for each other too
Our love is not of this world
It can survive anything as long as we want it to

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