This poem is just about a guy wanting trust…not much else to say.

Is it ok if

I steal part of your heart

So when people try to break it

I won’t let you fall apart

I’ll make sure it’s safe

Locked away and hidden

People wanna see it

I’ll tell them it’s forbidden 

My family wants a peak

Same with my friend

Not gonna happen

Your heart I will defend

I’m gonna protect it

Just like my own

If you think I’m like others

Your mind will be blown

Just please trust me

You’ll find out I’m good

Because I’m a guy

Makes me misunderstood

You’ll soon see I’m different

From all of the rest

Not saying I’m the greatest

But I’m one of the best

Just a piece of your heart

That’s all that I need

All that I want

I got no room for greed

Give it a thought

Maybe give two

You trust me

And I’ll trust you

Liked it
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