Continuing our poem in three parts about space ` Part Two ` There.

“There is no there; there” Gertrude Stein about Oakland, California, USA.

Image via Wikipedia | Gertrude Stein – no longer here.



It’s a place that isn’t here,

There is just next to here.

There is, well, over there.


Here is right here,

There is just next to here or far from here,

There as another thing isn’t so clear,

There is either a short, or long, distance from here.

“There, there, dear.” Comforting words from your mother,

There is the other.

There too can be scary; unfamiliar.

There can be just across the room or far from one another.

Or, to the beginnings of time and the creation of space.


“There,” one whips in icy rebuke. “I told you so.”

The shadenfreud words of your frenemy.


Though it can also be a delight.


There has many guises,

And alien places.

There is special simply because,

It’s the opposite of here in your life.


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One ` Here

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