Just a try in poetry.

“2 Years & 2-months-short-of a Decade”



Who would have thought that we’d end up together?

Our first meeting was not like “there’s a rolling thunder”

You have your own life, and I got mine

‘Til our clumsy hands accidentally entwined


We took a lot of step-backs to assert what we truly feel

But always ending up needing each other’s fill

Realizing that we’re bound to be as one

“Let’s get married”, became our silent chant


Our bubbly little Kaitlin was born

That made our life more strong

Two years of marriage feels like a decade,

Happiness-filled, memories will never fade


We may not be together at all times

We may not be able to celebrate the good times

Having you here in my heart

Feels like we we’re never once apart.


Happy 2nd year of being a marital couple

Happy 10 years of being together


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