Have you ever seen a beautiful girl,

One who just seems to be out of this world.

When you see her your heavy task of the day seems worthwhile,

For she brings so much joy and you can”t help but to smile.

Now it’s all of the little things that she do,

That makes you realize her heart is genuienly true.

Darling in many ways you are so pleasable,

To discover a treasure such as yourself is unmeasurable.

You see with lifes challenges a prize as yourself seems unreachable,

And the day you walked in my life was so unbelievable.

You got the walk you got the talk,

You have the perfect color and shine to your hair,

It’s just so unbelievable to see you standing there.

One can search a lifetime for what his heart may find agreeable,

And to grace myself upon your beauty is so unbelievable.

Unbelievable is what I think of you,

Because of the things you say and do.

Unbelievable and undeniably true,

You are a man’s dream come true. 

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