My experience with cancellations.

Some say luck is only for the lucky
Some say that you should not count chicken to they hatch
I say that I am not that lucky
Because I always count my chicken before they hatch
Maybe it would of been better to call it off
Some say that I should not of placed my money on a trip that got called off
I really wanted to go to the park
To stay until it was dark
To watch the fireworks and go home when it was through
But unfortunately it has been raining all weekend through
So where do I go from here
I really want to go there
But obligations are a calling
And I do not like canceling the calling
Where oh where dose the rain come from?
Why do I have to always be rained upon?
If I really was lucky I would be able to go to the park
And watch fireworks in the dark.
I hope the plans go through for Wednesday.
I really do not want to go any other day.
I hope we get lucky on Wednesday
And we will be able to go that day.

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