put your tongue in my ear and tell me something i haven’t been told
hold my hand and keep it from the cold
your hazy eyes must have been a little too crazed to see my panicked gaze
when you asked if i would. come.  over.  tonight.
and i did.
we slipped into another unfamiliar room, thinking of nothing but ourselves
your warm breath on my neck, my hand on your belt
we don’t care, we never did
and especially more with a night like this
you burp from the beer and smoke curls into my ear
i laugh at the friendly smell of your burnt brain cells
we’re going to hell
each of us skipping down the lane, hand in hand, towards the house that gives us food
or, rather the feeling we get when we’re done, if we’re even in the mood
in seems these nights i can’t stand the lights and turn them off and get lost in your legs
there will come a time when we’ll not be able to stand the stench of each other, and wander away
but not tonight, as we walk, hand in hand so dazed, down another darkened hallway

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