About apples and them usefulness.

Useful properties of apples
On apples piled up a lot of legends. In Greek mythology, the beginning of the Trojan War marked the “apple of discord”. Falling Newton’s head, apple prompted scientists to think about the law of universal gravitation. According to legend apple helped Eve tempt Adam. And remember only Rejuvenating apples in Russian folk tales!

1Chto as such in this fruit? It consists of fructose, vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and two dozen other compounds. Fructose fills the body quick energy, increases the supply of brain cells with nutrients. This helps vitamin B5, which ensures the assimilation of sugars and fats. Vitamin C is rapidly decomposes and removes from the body slag.

In apples, lots of useful substances: cellulose and apple pectin improve digestion, potassium helps the kidneys regulate  iron and vitamins A, C, E, P, B vitamins, as well as manganese, copper and vegetable antibiotics, volatile production, and increase immunity strengthen the body’s defenses. The British do not say nothing, that two apples a day drive doctors away. That’s only should be eaten the fruit of his band, and the beautiful shop apple with a waxy coating is to give – benefit from them much less. For extended storage apples lose their valuable adaptogenic properties, is unbalancing. The natural benefit of the fruit can be preserved only by preparing them apple cider vinegar.

Scientists believe that regular consumption of apples helps longevity and rejuvenation of the body. Thus, the researchers found in their substance, revitalizing the heart, improves blood circulation and boosts the immune system. Also, the apples at 85% consist of water and help the body to replace the loss of fluid.

In total there are 7,5 thousand varieties of apples, each of which has its advantages. Yellow apples are traditionally considered the most sweet and juicy. They are ideal for food products. The most popular are Golden Delicious. This golden-yellow fruit with a yellowish-white pulp, which is a long time to darken. Apples red usually crisp, with delicate sweet flavor. The popular Red Delicious variety. Green apples – the most healthy – solid, juicy fruit with a pleasant tartness. Ideal in hot, perfectly quench thirst of green apples produced the most delicious filling for pies. A popular variety Grenn Smith.

It is better to eat apples straight from the peel, because all nutrients are directly under it. However, it is worth considering that some people because of skin may have gas. In the peel contains a lot of useful tissue, stimulating the bowel, but can accumulate nitrates or pesticides. So the apples bought in the store, but not yet in season, better cleaning.

2Poleznye properties of apple due to their content of many vitamins and minerals to strengthen the nervous system. Vitamins A, C and E help maintain the immune system, help the body cope with stress. Apples contain many B vitamins, necessary for the nervous system. Vitamin C increases the production of free radicals, preventing the aging of the skin.

Apples are the ballast material for the intestine. In the old gall apple used to treat diarrhea. Ballast substances apples an excellent job of intestinal bacteria.

One apple contains 2 grams of glucose and 5.7 grams of fructose, which give you energy. From one bone in the body receives about 480 mg of iron, thus preventing anemia. To prevent anemia pierce an apple with a fork in several places in the evening, and eat in the morning. Such oxidation of iron assimilation. Or squeeze the juice from the apples and leave for 2-3 hours in a wide bowl.

The benefits of apples indicated by the fact that they are not getting fat. There are many diets on the basis of apples. In addition, apples have a slight diuretic effect, but low calorie content and abundance of fructose rapidly causes a feeling of satiety.

American scientists have also shown that apples better than other fruits and vegetables reduce blood cholesterol levels. Eat 2 apples a day, and for 2,5 – 3 month rate of cholesterol becomes normal.

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