Vegetative dystonia and Treatment of vascular dystonia folk remedies.

Vegetative dystonia – a condition in which the contraction and expansion of blood vessels in the body occurs unexpectedly. At this point, there is dizziness, chills, numbness of extremities, quickens the heartbeat. Often vasoneurosis accompanied migraine. Such a migraine last long and poorly treated. On the background of dystonia may also develop chronic fatigue syndrome.

In most cases, the disease is already apparent in early childhood. If a child is moody, difficult to tolerate physical stress, it is easy to blush and pale, and for any excitement then covered with abundant – all the warning signs of autonomic system disorders. These kids do not like action games. But in any case not rebuke a child for passive behavior, because its cause may be an inherent imbalance in the nervous system. Over the years, dystonia often develops into hypertension. Blood pressure is periodically increased, then become consistently high. And it is fraught with stroke. Therefore, treatment should begin in childhood, and begin not with pills but with the change in lifestyle.


Among the main symptoms of dystonia identify the following:
constant feeling of cold;
wanton redness or paleness of a person;
change the sensitivity of the fingertips and toes;
unreasonable “volatile” pain in the extremities;
sudden stomach cramps, which are often associated with stressful situations;
feeling short of breath with excitement;
dizziness or unreasonable noise in my head;
sweating palms and soles;
unstable blood pressure;
sleep disturbance (difficult to sleep at night or jump);
anxiety, sometimes quite groundless, often late in the afternoon;
unreasonably attracted waves of fear and panic;
feeling sick in the subway;
distraction of attention;

- Wanton redness or paleness of a person;

- Changing the tips of the fingers and toes;

- A constant feeling of cold;

- Wanton “volatile” pain in the extremities;

- Sudden stomach cramps, which are often associated with stressful situations;

- The feeling of lack of air in excitement;

- Heartbeat;

- No cause dizziness or noise in the head;

- Excessive sweating of palms and feet;

- Instability of blood pressure;

- Restless sleep;

- Responding to changes in shoulder straps;

- Fatigue;

- Causeless anxiety, often in late afternoon;

- Tearfulness;

- Causeless panic mode;

- Malaise in public transport;

- Distraction of attention.


Vasoneurosis develops under the influence of various factors:
- Under the influence of emotional stress;
- During periods of hormonal modifications of the body (puberty, pregnancy, menopause)
- When changing climatic zones;
- With physical, mental and emotional overload;
- An exacerbation of neurological and somatic or endocrine diseases;
- With neurotic disorders.

The most important remedy is a full sleep. Lack of sleep can cause fatigue, weakness, irritability, and, ultimately, the exacerbation of the disease. An important condition is that during sleep must necessarily fall on the night. Therefore, people with problems of the autonomic system can not operate on a rolling basis. Optimum performance from 9 to 18 hours. Particular attention must be paid for compulsory motor activity. When sedentary work should be carried out every half hour workout: you can walk the stairs or do some sit-ups. You should also spend more time outdoors.

For training vessels are well suited moderate – a contrast shower. However, it is useful to moderate temperature extremes.


A separate question is worth considering the quality and food culture. People who suffer from this disease is strictly contraindicated in any diet. Deterioration of health in this condition can be triggered by even short-term fasting. Along with diet and alcohol is contraindicated. The same can be said about the coffee. It does not matter: diluted drink milk or not. Much wiser to drink, for example, cocoa or juice. To ensure the body’s potassium should be included in their menu bananas, potatoes and apricots. It bears will also resort to the use of vitamin and mineral complexes.


Among other things, we must remember that any infection – is a huge stress on the body. In the case of the disease is reduced to a minimum exercise. Allow yourself to bed rest. Also useful would be an easy breathing exercises.

Treatment of vascular dystonia folk remedies

- Mix in equal parts by weight, pre-crushed, dried leaves of walnut, peppermint, calendula flowers, grass Repeshko, yarrow, centaury, letters and avens. Pour 2 tablespoons of mixture of 0,5 l of water, bring to a boil and boil in a lidded pan over low heat for 10 minutes. Cool, strain and drink 1 / 3 cup 3 times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals. Course – 21-day, 7 days – a break. Repeat if necessary.

- Fruits of the ordinary to eat juniper, ranging from one berry a day, every day increasing to 1 berry, until you reach 12, then reduced again to one.

- Thistle thorns. Pour 20 grams of a glass of boiled water and then simmer for 10 minutes. Drink 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day.

- Mix in 2 parts echinacea flowers and crushed dried roots of Rhodiola rosea, add 1 part of the hop cones. Take 1 tbsp. l. the finished collection, pour a glass of boiled water, leave for 15 minutes. Add 2 tsp. honey. Drink a decoction of healing within a day, divided into 3 parts. The course of treatment for 4 weeks.

- Wormwood – 2 parts dandelion root – 2 parts grass knotweed – 2 parts, angelica root – 3 parts, fruits, viburnum – 3 pieces, rose hips – two parts, the root of Aralia – 2 parts, the root of Rhodiola – 2 parts, the root levzei – 2 parts nettle leaf – 2 parts, the fruit of coriander – 1 part licorice root – 2 parts. This collection is recommended for women.

- Everlasting. Pour 10g cup boiling water, wrap the dish from the broth in a towel and push 30-40 minutes. Drink 1 / 3 cup 3 times a day.

- Crushed peony roots – 1 teaspoon pour 1 / 2 liters of boiled water, 2 hours and drink a tablespoon 3-5 times a day.

- Periwinkle, astragalus, clover, mint and hawthorn flowers. All for 1 tablespoon, pour a liter of boiling water. This should infuse 30 minutes. Drain.
Drink twice a day – morning and afternoon half a cup. Course – two months.

- Before bedtime do a soft foot massage with sunflower oil, drink a cup of chamomile tea part of honey, or hot milk with honey, or milk, warmed in a silver dish.

- Before eating eat 2.1 cloves of garlic.

- Take daily 15-minute bath of oat straw.

- 2 tablespoons Oregano pour 1 cup boiling water. Boil 5 minutes, half an hour to insist. Drain. Take a glass in the form of heat 3-4 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals.

What would get rid of the attack vasoneurosis

- Close your eyes and press on your eyeballs for a minute. This will remove the heart and fever.

- A good massage your little finger, as well as the head of the occiput and cervical spine. This will lead to normal blood pressure.

- Mix 50 drops in a glass of water or tincture valeriany Leonurus and Eleutherococcus infusions.

- Tension in a few seconds, the abdominal muscles.

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