Written 7/3/2011.

We sat as still as the air we breathed;

it bore our hearts to work within nature’s siege.

I hated the sound made by the blade;

when it scraped against the worn out paint.

Heat poured through cracks of this quaint old barn;

which faced a manmade lake.

The first stroke of the brush was quickly halted by my hearts embrace.

Planks of grass stood two feet tall,

they encompassed like elaborate walls.

The water was glazed over in a greenish muck

with lily pads,

dashing tadpoles,

water striders and salamanders.

I exhaled as vapors had coursed throughout my lungs;

for a moment,

we paused at notice of Great Blue Heron and Thrush.

It was exalting to see this magnificent scene,

 right there before my eyes,

and before I could blink;

the dream was gone,

it was but a moment;

lost in time.

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