A little rant about people who feel they are somehow better than others because they do not use various words that are considered vulgar. However, these same people use, what I call little “cuteisms” to avoid using so-called vulgar words. Many of these people engage in such passtimes as gossip. Surely gossip is vulgar no matter what words are used. The type of people I am referring to also seem to take pleasure in calling others various acceptable names if those people do not fit into the norms set down by the culture they are living in. Surely this type of degrading is vulgar. Something to think about if you take pride in not using vulgar words. Do you make your words vulgar by their intention?


photo “This Shallow Rooster” by author

Vulgar = Common

Walking around all high and mighty,
like you’re Cary Grant,
because you don’t use The G Word.
The G Word,
The G Word,
The G Word.
So many words begin with G,
gosh, golly,
grapefruit and gossip.
Gossip hurts more than a “rude” word said
in a moment of levity.
Walking around all high and mighty,
carrying yourself like you’re Ethel Merman,
because you don’t use The C Word.
Which C Word would that be?
Creep, Creep, Creep.
I would lays odds that you’ve called someone
a creep.
That C Word hurts too.
Oh, you meant the other C Word?
Yeah being called a creep doesn’t compare
in the least.
Yeah, right.
You take that other C Word and put it in your pocket.
Walking around with your nose up in the air,
like you’re Paris Hilton,
because you don’t use The H Word.
Heck, Heck Fire!
That’s hot!
This is hot!
Catch phrasing here and there,
without a care.
Yeah, vulgar also means popular and common.
Spiritual and cultural hubris are more vulgar
than any word uttered by a slipping tongue.
Thinking you’ll be as beautiful as Audrey Hepburn,
because you don’t use The S Word.
Okay so maybe you let that one slip from time to time,
as every animal including humans must.
Oh one thing, please remember to flush.
Because, oh yes, yours does stink.
On your high horse like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans,
because you don’t use The F Word,
So many words starting with F.
Frick ‘en.
Fruit Loops.
Funny Face.
Funny Looking.
Fashion misfit.
Having an epileptic fit.
Freak ‘in.
Have you ever been called a “freak”?
Have you ever called anyone a “freak”?
Yeah, I thought so.
That fall off your high horse hurts and you say,
“The F Word,
The F Word,
The F Word,
The F Word,
The F Word,
The F Word,
The F Word.”
Don’t even get me started on “The N Word”.

Liked it
  • postpunkpixie on Feb 28, 2009

    I utterly agree with this. There are far crueller words in the english language than the supposedly vulgar ones.

  • Kate Smedley on Mar 2, 2009

    Wow, strong poem, very well written, I totally agree

  • Rana Sinha on Mar 3, 2009

    Good. So true. It’s the poison that come out of our mouths rather than poison that goes in. I read somewhere that the most harmful word in a relationship is “always” . One partner says “You always do this” and then a new round of fighting begins.

  • Lauren on Mar 4, 2009

    I have no shame. I say all of these words. Sometimes it’s necessary to get your point across. Would I do it on Triond? Not a chance, I save it for the kitchen. A potty mouth in the kitchen is a happy mouth. lol

  • Jo Oliver on Apr 18, 2009

    Again, agree 100%. A+ poem too

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