Nothing could be more relaxing than a late afternoon walk on the beach.

I was walking along the beach
Savoring the powdery softness
Of the pure white sand
As it clung to my bare feet
I was so enthralled
By the gently lapping waves
As they quickly washed away
Each footprint I made
I sat and covered my feet
With the milky white sandy paste
Delighting in its cold freshness
And loving the feel
Of the late afternoon breeze
I stood up and walked again
Watching every footstep
Being hungrily licked up
By the slowly rolling waves
And I pondered in awe
At the wonder of it all.

How I wished I could find a way
For my footprints to be
Forever engraved on this beach
As a lasting remembrance
Of my presence here
And an enduring legacy
Of my birthright
As a child of a native
Of this God-given paradise
I felt a surge of pride
And a flood of joy
By simply being here
Making insignificant footprints
Along the sandy white beach.

Liked it
  • Dee Gold on Jan 7, 2009

    after reading this,I really wish I could walk on the beach this very moment .

  • Glynis Smy on Jan 7, 2009

    There is nothing better to soothe the soul, than the beach. Lovely work!

  • Darla Smith on Jan 7, 2009

    Walking on the beach is very soothing.

  • Debra Mann on Jan 7, 2009

    Walking on the beach is so calming, soothing and relaxing.

  • poetic enigma on Jan 7, 2009

    This is a beautiful poem,
    such a relaxing piece,
    you can feel it through your words,
    amazing job

  • PR Mace on Jan 7, 2009

    I could see your walk on the beach as I read this. Lovely, body of work. Not only do I love to walk on the beach, I love to sit and watch the ocean. One of the reasons I live in Florida.

  • YolieM on Jan 7, 2009

    What a beautiful piece. It really takes me to a place I’d love to be but instead I have no choice but to deal with the ice storm we’re having in Mass. Thanks for the fantasy.

  • Lauren Axelrod on Jan 7, 2009

    \”Being hungrily licked up
    By the slowly rolling waves\”

    I love this line. Isn\’t the ocean surreal at times? This was wonderful Melody.

  • Blue Buttefly on Jan 7, 2009

    I can picture myself in that poem, lovely!

  • AC Hamilton III on Jan 7, 2009

    You encapsulated the delight of it all;naturally because it is so obvious you have a native connection to it all. Profound!

  • Kim Buck on Jan 7, 2009

    Peaceful and serene. We were all right there with you.

  • Jasin on Jan 8, 2009

    Wonderfully told.

  • Unofre Pili on Jan 8, 2009

    Very beautiful lines. Reminiscent of John Keat’s word carpentry.

  • Inna Tysoe on Jan 8, 2009

    That’s lovely.

    Thank you,


  • Jojo Skeene on Jan 8, 2009

    Nicely written…I liked it!

  • Adam Henry Sears on Jan 8, 2009

    I like it a lot. Nice opening. Nice theme.
    I think if you put a space between the lines:
    “At the wonder of it all
    How I wished I could find a way”
    and put a period at the end of all, that it would slow the pacing of the free verse and give the separate thoughts more emphasis. Of course, that’s just my opinion. Thanks for sharing.

  • CHAN LEE PENG on Jan 8, 2009

    Nice poem, I agree!

  • nobert soloria bermosa on Jan 8, 2009

    you just made me wanna go back to the beach where i used to take a walk every afternoon,thanks for the wonderful read

  • Melody SJAL on Jan 11, 2009

    Thanks you, everyone, for all your comments. I appreciate them a lot, as they are a big factor in helping me improve my writing. Happy New Year to all!

  • eddiego65 on Jan 11, 2009

    Beautiful. I pictured everything and enjoyed my walk in the beach.

  • Morgana on Jan 24, 2009

    So beautiful and your poetry.

  • Melissa Ryan on Jan 26, 2009

    A beautiful poem. I enjoy visiting the beach. Your poem took me there since I can’t be right now.

  • M Stokes on Feb 2, 2009

    wonderful poem so brilliantly written!

  • elee on Nov 9, 2012

    To walk along the beach, The sun against your face, Feels every bit as sweet, As the warmth of an embrace.

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