Love poem.

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I yearn to be alone with you,

for we are meant to be together.

I will welcome you with a loving hug,

and hold your body close to mine.

I want to touch your smooth brown skin,

and kiss you with urgent passion.

I will lick your full sensual lips,

tasting your sweet drugging nectar.

I will leave you feeling very excited,

as desire grows stronger between us.

We will engage in hot and heavy action,

writhing uncontrollable as the pressure builds.

We will spend a wonderful night together,

one filled with unimaginable pleasures.

We will both be left feeling fully sated,

exhausted from our mind-blowing release.

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  • Hollywood James on Aug 2, 2009


    Very HOT!!!

  • Ramalingam on Aug 2, 2009

    Nice but very sensuous.

  • ken bultman on Aug 2, 2009

    Drying my palms.

  • rajeev bhargava on Aug 2, 2009

    very enjoyable poem.

  • Francy on Aug 2, 2009

    beautifully done

  • ahmad joko setyawan on Aug 2, 2009

    Very sensual poem,Absolutely wonderful work Darla!

  • Ruby Hawk on Aug 2, 2009


  • Brian Daniel Stankich on Aug 2, 2009

    The Queen of Love strikes again!

    Thanks again Darla for stirring us up.


  • Yvonne K on Aug 20, 2009

    I’m glad you embrace your sexual nature.

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