Poetry about 12-14-2012.

We have children in America,

who are climbing,

the stairs to Heaven.

Twenty of them,

with their tiny feet,

they climb to meet,

the Most High!

One by one,

they will sing,

an angel’s song.

Hallelujah!  Hallelujah! Its beautiful here God,

but I wish I could have had time,

to say goodbye to my mom!

Then America cries,

an ocean of tears!

We have children in America,

who has suffered,

at the hands,

of a madman with a gun.

Precious children,

their smiles,

like the shining sun.

We have children,

who were spared,

but now they live,

with fear,

from gunshots ringing

in their tiny ears.

Innocent children,

off to school they went,

and no one knew,

their life would end,

in a split second.

As America cries,

an ocean of tears,

we wait for the answer,


We have children,

in America,

that shouldn’t have died!

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  • Shannon Lynn Farlouis on Dec 18, 2012

    This poem is of no financial gain to me as I have decided it be donated and all proceeds will go to The Magic Foundation for Children’s Growth. Just to set the story straight for those on Yahoo who feel I am an attention getter, I have a special gift, sorry you were not provided the same. I use my gift that I was granted by sharing my work with the world. Check the facts before you post smart comments on my work. I have a heart! Where is your heart? What can you contribute to children with delayed growth? The reason, I decided to donate to children with delayed growth, because the children the poem is based on, the ones that died, were robbed of the chance to grow towards their future, they were robbed of America, a place were the Flag waves high in the wind to remind us of freedom.

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