Sometimes we just need to learn not to take ourselves, and others too seriously. We are all individuals!

Wedded Bliss?

You call me insane, I say you’re crazy

You say I’m mean, I think you’re lazy

You watch movies, I prefer books

                And I don’t like the way that shirt looks!

You like dogs, I adore cats

You eat vegetables, I want fats

You want board games, I like sports

                We can settle our differences in the courts!

You order beer, I drink wine

You want me to cook, I’d rather dine

You bring me chocolate, but why not flowers?

                Do you think I undermine your super powers?

I have a headache, you look tired

Is all this nonsense really required?

You’ve stated your case, I have objections

                Let’s acquit the charges, our minor imperfections!

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  • qncai on Aug 7, 2012

    Like share

  • elee on Aug 8, 2012

    nice representation of thoughts

  • Kristie Claar on Aug 11, 2012

    very good, everyone has their differences

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