A poem about relief really. It would be much easier if we had all the weight off of our shoulders and the burdens off of our minds.

something to be,
yet seen asreckless.
But for the brain,continuously
burdened by thoughts,
by life, by decisions,
it’s better.

not being grounded
by all that holds
you down,
gravity gone so
not a single thing
can pull
you down.
Walking lighter
rather than heaving
heavy thoughts
like weighted,
cement cinder blocks.
Stepping stones;
bridges between
thoughts of worry.
Step to the other side,
quick now, hurry!

 Don’t dare hesitate,
don’t tremble at
the thoughts most
would fear, and the
future so weary;
be at ease.

Things are scary,
people frightening,
and the future
neither clear nor
Don’t let these things,
large or small,
consume your very
being, though that’s
what is expected.
Go beyond assumptions
and be weightless.
Walk free of the
heaviest burdens
and of the
heaviest thoughts.
Walk weightless.

Liked it
  • Chris Bailie on Jun 11, 2012

    Very nicely worded, thank you for sharing.

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