Random thoughts of my feelings and emotions telling my story. 

Good Girl / Bad Girl

-The Fight with myself-








Making passion





Holding self

Feeling self

Loving me

Indeed this could be a love affair between us three

The good girl the bad girl inside of me

Drinking anything that will give me that buzz

Yeah and I have hit a blunt or two

Running away that’s all I do

Having sex like its going out of style

Expressing myself anyway I know how

Falling in love

You want it to be so true

Opening up your heart and soul

I’m not suppose to still feel so blue

Wants going on inside my head

You don’t want to know

The fight between the bad girl and the good girl and me

Can I just be all three?


Being patient

Making Love from a far

Being Fair

Not greedy



Wanting when I want it

Not knowing when to stop it

Like a drug that is free but cost so much

Which one can I be?

Will my man let me be all three?

Because being the good girl is nice and that’s what everyone sees

Being the bad girl is fun but feels I’m walking on thin ice

I have to bring these two together cause the good girl is the bad girl and together

They make me

Will I ever be pleased?

Feeling Like Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde

Going from shy to ready to mingle

From happy to sad within minutes

What is this

Is it me or someone or something in me

Lord please free me

Was I really born or am I a clone

Oh no

I look in the mirror see someone different

See this person that is so confident, so proud

Why do I feel this change

Is it real, I feel like I’m dreaming but I’m awake

Feeling like the same old person then feeling like a brand new person

I can’t hide this person

Try and cover it up, but soon it’s exposed

Having mood swings like a mother-fucker

It never seems to end

Myself is getting weak

Which is the real me

Dr. Jekyll or Mrs. Hyde

Real Me

No more straight hair

No more trying to fit that mold

I’m real I’m me

Liked it
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