I think that anyone can guess where I got the idea for this poem. This poem is more-off straightforward. Comments are open.

What a Horrible World

I see

Skies of Black.


Rivers of Fire.

The Red Roses


And Fade

Into dust.



All out


With people


In every direction

Trying to avoid

The inevitable.

But Everyone Knows

Their Doom is Near.

And I Think

To myself

This was once

A Civilized World.

I see

A Beautiful Sun.

A gentle breeze

Rustles the trees.

It is Summer

It is July.

This is in

A Park.

With green leaves

Green grass

And beautiful

Green trees.

The many Pathways

Are Octagonal Cobblestones.

But the birds

Are silent.

A boyfriend

And girlfriend

Are arguing.

And their love

Is now

At an end.

And they walk away

From each other.


To look back

And Forevermore

Hate each other.

And I think

To myself

What a Loveless World.

I see children playing

Baseball in the streets.

Along Brooklyn

Row Houses.

And a child

Knocks one

Out of reach.

He got a homerun.

But what if I told you

He came home

In a casket

After serving a tour?


Turn to Frowns.

And I think to myself

What a Hateful World.

Beer bottles

Six-pack rings

Used condoms.


And Toxic Chemical Drums

Lay in a river

Of green water.

One the side

Is a Factory.


In shadow.

Their Smokestacks

All expel gas

Into the atmosphere.

And I think to myself

This was once

A Beautiful World.

I’m having

A cup of tea

At a café

That is amidst

All this misery.

I only had

Enough money

For the tea

And not to tip

The waiter.

She Grimly

Shuffles off

After I gave her

The money.

And I’m sorry

To say

But this

Is a Greedy World.

Not to mention

A bankrupt one

As well.

And overall

I sit here.

Trying to quiet

My mind

But I cannot.

Because I am

A Tormented Man.


And Broken.

And finally

As I write this

I will now end this.

But before I go

I Will Say This.

And I think to myself…..

What a Horrible World.

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