What do you give when there’s nothing to lose?

What do you got to give

when there is nothing to


Going against the

unimaginable with nothing

else left to choose

doing what you got to just

to get through

Waking up battered and


feeling useless

confused and clueless

And you wonder why we


Our attraction to cash is


robbing these people

senseless and got the

best lawyers to defend


Praying to God

one day we can end this

but it’s worth the trouble

so I shall never let these

hard times faze me

Smoking these tears away

I am just beers away from an

early death

but until then I got some things

to get off my chest

For years I’ve tried

but nothing compares

All I want is to rise

but can’t help falling down the


The alcohol

the drugs

living this long life of a hopeless


It’s hard to stay focused

there’s no room for me

It’s hard to carry on

just better to bleed

So be careful in what you

believe cause in the streets

there will never be peace

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  • Tiki33 on Nov 19, 2012

    Never think that you have nothing to lose. Keep living and a change will come. Thanks for sharing your poetry.

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