A poem written by the confusion and sorrow growing in my heart…

Who am I, I ask myself,

Seeing you with him, My heart trembles.

I know not how to tell you, 

I know not how to show you.

What’s in my heart can never be revealed, 

Cause I know not, how you feel.

And what’s more is that,

I know that we can never be…

As I close my eyes, I see your face,

Staring at me, right through my soul,

like cupid’s arrow, piercing my heart.

As I lay my head down on my pillow,

I see your face, I see your smile.

I open my eyes, to wish to see you beside me,

night after night, in my arms forever to hold.

My heart and my life,

I give you my all, forever or even just for a night.

I see you smile, and see you laugh,

but knowing your joy was with another,

I conceal my sorrow but wish you were mine.

I know not how to show you,

the way you make me feel,

Your voice, your touch, 

to be forever mine,

Is all I wish, and what I truly long for,

Till the day I die or till I lose you forever…

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