What "Baby" Means When I Say It..


It is said everyday, and it’s meaning,

Its definition, gets taken for granted. 

When I call you my baby,

Or any variation of the word,

It is not to demean your womanhood,

Not to label your actions,

Your behavior,

Your mannerisms,

Or your dialect as immature.

It is the smallest,

Most convenient unit of language I know

That allows me to convey just how special,

How important,

How precious,

How significant,



Beloved, and how treasured you are to me..

If I say it too often,

Please forgive me,

But the frequency of the word’s use is only a reflection,

A mirror image, of how although it is said often,

The meaning remains the same..

I love you,

You are my baby,

And I pray God guides our every step into a future

We can’t see, only visualize..

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