It is a Love Poem, to be specific, if you would read it deeply, Unrequited Love it is. Enjoy and Smile:)

In this present of heaven

Made my life more driven

You made clear what life’s worth striven

You completed the cloth now fully woven

You’re the member of the faculty

Whose faith is the specialty

You teach to believe is no sight

Without knowing, you taught me this tonight

It is the sense of taking a risk

 Blindfolded, you hold my hands and lead me

I felt yours with a touch so brisk

I opened my eyes it was all imaginary

Part two is where I earned to dream

It’s hard knowing you can’t have what it seems

But I close my eyes and I’m all again happy

For I see your face and that heart so floppy

Baby, thinking of you

Is all I can do

Oh summer’s day and summer’s night

All I linger is a hug so tight

Lastly you showed me again how to wish

How to pray and how to hope in just a swish

To love in peace with a huge heart

Just seeing you is the award-winning art

My life had changed instantly

From the moment I heard that voice so tenderly

But wait, you forgot to tell me

When will I see you again, my baby.

Liked it
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