A look at how things progress when you’re down in the dumps and some of the best ways to rise again and live. This is philosophical thinking outlining ways to maintain your mental and phyiscal health despite the negative issues of life.

Wrinkles and gray hairs appear and scoff.

When lots of money made off with Madoff.

And many were left penniless standing.


Jamaicans would say “Bwoy it rough”.

And add the words “Trust me, times are tough”.

So what in blazes was the point of budgeting?


Celebrities learn to flow with the tide.

They park their jets and “wicked rides”.

And some resorted back to walking.


Anger management will help to heal the wounds.

Debt management will help to free the bonds.

And new choices save the future with good financial planning.


Congress helped to bail out many.

Like GM, Chrysler and AIG.

They could invest in renewable energy.

With waves and tides, make money from the sea.


So now, what’s next in the recession’s progress?

Is it worth constantly living in stress?

Is hope overrated? Many eyes are bleary.

Can hope help out-of-work people again to earn a salary?


Oprah on her talk show discusses healthy living.

A healthy lifestyle begins with healthy mind and healthy eating.

Read some health magazines and learn some more.

And change the way you live everyday for sure.


And yet with all the money talk by those who seem smarter than Plato.

I think lots of us would be absolutely satisfied if only we won the lotto.

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