Pretty sad situation I’m in right now. But this painted it into a happy picture for me.

‘My precious little flower,

Why do you look so glum?’


‘Because that Dark cloud in the sky,

Won’t give me any sun!


My stem is anchored here,

So here is where I’ll stay


And that mean cloud is free to roam,

But remains here anyway!


He said he wouldn’t hurt me!

That we were best of friends!


But if he does not share the sun,

I feel my life will end!


Tell me kind bumblebee,

Why does he treat me so?


He keeps me slowly wilting,

Refusing to let me grow!’


‘My sweet little flower,

I wish I had more to say


But sooner or later the will shine through,

And chase that cloud away!


He’ll shower you in sunshine,

And help you grow big and strong


And then and there you’ll find the love,

That you deserved all along!

Liked it
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