In a place where there is no darkness, I read this in a story once but I don’t love Big Brother I do love you “Sweetness” Where The Sun Does Shine… After; I must admit though I feel more like Winston Smith and less like a fool in love, hell I’m both.

After a kiss
There’s my face

How I am filled with joy and bliss
Which can’t be dismissed
Because of your taste
Outside, it’s not too late
To live… and exist

After clothes discarded
There’s my skin

As if the clouds departed
A party started
Call it a sin
To feel the wind
This love, we’re artist

After eyes see the new day
There’s my dream

No not today
You’re real babe
My queen
Without her finery
And we lay

After a night
There’s my blanket

Lost in the light
As I held you tight
Take it
We’re naked
Not cold tonight

After I fell in love
There’s my heart

You are enough
The girl I’m dreaming of
No more scars
My light in the dark
I love…

You I’ve been after
A lovely chapter
Lived out in the sun
The light is us
Living happily ever after

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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