I wrote this poem at the time for my Scottish wife, whom I loved with my heart and soul, but sadly she was seeing another man being my back, and sadly her daughters knew about it also.

Last Night while you were sleeping,

Did you know that I was wide awake,

On my side, at your side

Waiting for the morning to break.

I watched you as you slept,

As the dreams entered in your soul

Then through my eyes, I realized

That truly, I love you so.

Last night, while you were sleeping.

Last Night while you were asleep

Did you know too, that I was there

On your bed, also laid my head

Along with my soul and prayer.

Lying quietly at your side

As I have done the nights before

To be with you, my love so true

Could any man ask for any more.

Last Night while you were asleep.

Last night while you slept,

As waiting for morning to come,

While at your side, I laid that night

While dreading the coming of the sun.

As always with you I was there

Even when morning began to arise

But then again it came, as so did the pain

As I said goodbye to another night.

Last night while you slept.

Last night while you did sleep

You never knew that you weren’t alone,

As when you awoke not one word did I spoke

As on the couch I slept from which I never roamed.

Upon my side there I solemnly laid

Being so still, and quite as a mouse

Not to make a sound that might give my secret away,

I wandered, did you too feel lonely in this house.

Last night while you had slept.

RANDY L. McClave

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