Just some more thoughts I have.

Why do people worry about dumb shit?
They just can’t let go of it.
The world isn’t that bad with the exception of crazy people.
I hope this month hurries lord.
I hope I find a beautiful woman like Kayla, Vanessa, or Tyresa if that’s even how you spell her name.
I’m good at spelling some stuff.
I just want to be in love.
God, please help my uncle Leonard and Johanna get better.
Please help this beautiful weather!
I’m gonna be nice today hopefully from now on.
No sense of being in a bad mood shit happens.
Nothing lasts forever!
We gotta make it last forever.
We don’t have to go fast as long as you remember what you are doing and do it.
I need to quit standing around.
I’m not a bad person just because I’m a Democrat.
We all have our opinions.
It’s tough listening to bull shit.
I’m going to be the boss someday of my own company.
You don’t need to tell me what to do with my money.
You didn’t earn it.
I hate drama in my life.
Why do people have to pick a fight?
I’m ready for today and this month to end.
I’m so glad I’m alcohol free.
I have all sorts of plans when I have money.
Money is the root to all evil.
There are a bunch of gold digging people.
They don’t mean you no harm if you just leave them alone.

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