I always have this feeling 
Like your holding something back,
Why do you insinuate 
That I should start to pack?
Or drop a little hint 
That I should find another guy,
I always have this feeling 
Like you want to say goodbye,
Or are you really thinking 
“She must be tired of my shit”?
And would that be the reason 
For the attitude you get?
I’m not on the look out 
To find me another man,
Or is it you fucking w/ me
Just because you can?
Or is it you who‘s thinking 
Of trading me in soon,
Maybe you’ve got your eye 
On some nasty old baboon.
Either way, my Honey–Baby, 
I don’t like this result,
I never know if your joking, 
Or if it‘s a real insult,
But I hope your only kidding 
And not truly serious,
I want to think that where I stand 
Is not mysterious,
And since you‘re still debating 
Whether my love‘s true or not,
In all of your confusion,
You might lose all that you‘ve got,
So in all your accusations,
Of me wanting other men,
Just serve to blow your cover
And tell me where you‘ve been,
Despite the facts you say I‘m fake,
But keep in mind it’s you I want, 
And it’s you who wants a break.

This one‘s for my boyfriend,
who should really get a clue,
If I‘m not sitting at the house,
Then I‘m hanging out with you,
But if it makes things better,
When you feel that guilt inside,
You can accuse me honey,
Of all the shit you hide,
I know this might surprise you
But that trick is obvious,
And it‘s the only one you‘ve got,
So it‘s extra hard to miss.
But I guess I have to love you,
Even though you are a jerk,
But by now you ought to know,
Your “Reverse psychology” won‘t work

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