In the history of literarture, there are hundreds upon hundreds of playwrights and poets. Some of them are excellent, some are moderately good, and some are terrible. How is it that an unknown playwright from the 16th century landed in the top selection?

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They make you read his plays in high school.  His poetry is considered to be a standard for neophytes, a format poets should model their own poems on.  How is this possible?  I personally have always maintained a cold prejudice toward whatever becomes insanely popular with the masses, and Shakespeare is no exception.  Come ON.  I read A Midsummer’s Night Dreamin the 9th grade.  Was I impressed by Shakespeare’s wit, his rhyme, his “ingenuity?”  Not when the raunchy content of his play was worse than any contemporary playwright from the 20th century.  And his poetry?  Please.  I find Alexander Pope and Geoffrey Chaucer more inspiring and witty than His Highness the King of Poets.  Besides, historians are not sure who “Shakespeare” really was.  Some argue that more than one person authored all those plays, others say that the Shakespeare we see in the above portrait was an actual person, but he hired ghostwriters for his commissions.  Who knows?  And frankly, who cares?  Shakespeare’s historical plays are not historically accurate, his tragedies are more pathetic than tragic, and his comedies are the equivalent of modern comedy sitcoms on television (devoid of real wit and intelligence).  You may comment that I am obviously expressing a deep hatred of this mysterious writer, but can you blame me?  Society forces all of Shakespeare’s works on us and then forces us to accept that he was a master at what he did. 

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