Why do men take their women for granted. No matter how good you be to them some of them always find a way to mess things up and get the big head and think they are running things!!

                                Why MEN take their WOMEN for GRANTED?

                                                                                             By: April Harper


      Why do men take their women for granted? This is a question that many have asked along the years.

I think that I have come up with in answer that they need to be by themselves. That are many people in a relationship a some people just try to hold on to something that’s not real but most people have real love but they just don’t know until something happens and they try to show it or some people just don’t care at all. I’m going to let you in on a little secret “I thought I had found real love I have giving up a lot for this person and the only thing I have got in return is heartbreak and pain.

        He puts others before me and does all types of things. I guess he’s trying to lower my self-esteem or something but, I just keep hoping that one day he will change and we can grow together as one .I just don’t see that happening soon, and I’m tired of being second on your list  or not on there at all. I feel that I have held up my part of the deal and you just like you don’t care and as soon as I’m ready to leave you start to do your little change for the moment and I ‘m sick of that I feel and know I can get better.

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