The Joker is back…

Why so serious?

One of the Jokers famous lines, other than his maniac laugh.

He is a clever character in the movie, and he is slightly mad.

He is very devious in the way he plots things and is always

one step ahead of every one. For example when he put

two people in the boats with explosives and a trigger to blow

up the other boat. Classic… 

Lol, now back to the point of this article…

Why did the actor, who played the joker commit suicide?

Well I think it was because of lots of stress in his life

and he thought there was no other way out and he

was very depressedSo he commited


This teaches us one lesson:

When your feeling low,

Lower than the floor, 

And you think that you haven’t got a chance….

Don’t make a move till you’re in the groove

And do the Peter Panda Dance! Never commit suicide…

Edited Peter Panda song from The Pacifier.

Hope you learned something…

Liked it
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